innuPREP Stool DNA Kit-IPC16


Key Features


  • ƒƒIdeal for automatically isolating bacterial DNA from fresh or frozen stool samples
  • For use with the InnuPure® C16 touch and for processing up to 16 samples in parallel
  • Isolates highly pure DNA without transferring magnetic particles
  • Includes pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips/Plates that keep prep work to a minimum
  • Effectively prevents any potential cross-contamination
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Product Info

The innuPREP Stool DNA Kit-IPC16 has been specially designed for automated isolation of bacterial DNA from stool samples. Pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips or Plates reduce time-consuming manual preparation steps to an absolute minimum. The first steps are to homogenize the starting material (using a homogenizer such as the SpeedMill) followed by external lysis. The InnuPure® C16 touch then carries out all of the remaining steps, which include binding bacterial DNA to magnetic and/or paramagnetic particles, washing the DNA and automatically transferring it to a closeable elution tube. Using a stringent lysis buffer in conjunction with an optimized binding buffer produces excellent yields of high-quality nucleic acid. The near complete removal of all inhibitors means that the isolated DNA can be used immediately afterwards in further applications.

Additional information


16 reactions, 96 reactions, 480 reactions

Processing Type

Parallel, Individual