innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 – Non-filled


Key Features

A Non-filled version of the innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 kit, with shorter delivery time.

  • Different protocols for individual needs
innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 - Non-filled
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Special Requirements?


  • Preparation of up to 200 μl, 400 μl and even 600 μl serum, plasma and other cell-free body fluids
  • Automation for ideal reproducibility
  • Improvement of qPCR results: win up to 1.7 Ct values
  • Sensitiva protocols for optimized yields

The novel innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 is an extraction kit for isolating viral DNA and RNA at the same time and from the same sample. Used in conjunction with the InnuPure C16 touch, the kit is suitable for an exceptionally wide variety of starting materials. The kit contains carrier nucleic acids so that researchers can perform an internal extraction control to prevent false-negative findings (using innuDETECT Internal Control kits). The system automatically processes up to 16 samples in pre-filled Reagent Strips/Plates. In addition to internal lysis, the viral nucleic acids are bound to magnetic and/or paramagnetic particles, washed and then eluted. The sealed Reagent Plastic and the piercing feature of the InnuPure C16 touch effectively prevent cross-contamination among samples. Manual prep steps are reduced as well, which minimizes contact between users and infectious materials.


Starting material

  • Serum (200 μl)
  • Plasma (200 μl)
  • Cell-free bodily fluids (200 μl)
  • Cell culture supernatants (200 μl)
  • Swab samples
  • Stool samples (200 μl)

Extraction Time

  • Lysis: internal
  • InnuPure C16 touch protocol: approx. 75 minutes

Average yield

Depends on the type and quantity of the starting material

Average purity


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