InnuPure® C16 touch – Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction

Key Features

InnuPure® C16 touch – The New Standard in Automated Extraction

  • Universally applicable thanks to a wide range of extraction kits for isolating DNA and RNA
  • Extraction based on patented, lowsalt DC-Technology®
  • Prefilled reagent strips and/or plates for processing between 1 and 16 samples in parallel
  • Manual work is limited to loading the sample tray
  • Desired elution volume can be automatically set between 20 and 500 μl
  • 1 ml pipette tips with integrated aerosol filter provide reliable protection for the dispensing unit
  • Reagent cartridges do not need to be opened manually: instrument pierces seals
  • Stand-alone operation with integrated 10” Tablet
  • Barcode-marked extraction kits contain all relevant information
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Product Info

Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction
In addition to automated protocols for bacteria, viruses, as well as human, animal and plant tissues, customers can easily process complex forensic samples and highly processed food. The system also provides enrichment routines for cell-free nucleic acids and allows users to conduct bisulfite conversion for epigenetic analyses. High-quality magnetic and paramagnetic particles act as the solid phase for binding nucleic acids. Buffer conditions are set both to create a fine particle dispersion in solution and to ensure fast, quantitative sedimentation during collection, while the multifunctional heating/magnetic unit (IHMU – Intelligent Heating/Magnet Unit) is moved into position under the bottom of the reagent cartridges. The liquid can then be reliably aspirated without transferring magnetic particles. The heating function supports the automated process during lysis, drying and elution. Residual solvent, which can potentially inhibit subsequent applications, are removed effectively, and nucleic acids are efficiently desorbed in the elution buffer.

Rounding out the overall application is the use of patented
DC-Technology® (Dual-Chemistry). The use of variable buffer systems while simultaneously reducing the concentrations and/or ionic strengths required creates the perfect conditions for proteolytic lysis and reduces the potential risk of transferring salts into the eluted sample. This results in optimized workflow times and the extraction of high-quality nucleic acids.

Intelligent kit architecture
When used with the InnuPure® C16 touch, ready-to-use extraction kits greatly simplify routine laboratory work while saving resources. The timeconsuming job of filling reservoirs, for example, is a thing of the past. Prefilled cartridges also eliminate the risks of filling the wrong tubes and of spilling reagent. Most importantly, however, having so many kit elements prepared in advance saves valuable time. All kits come in two types of packaging: one that includes Reagent Strips for individual extraction processes for small numbers of samples and one with reagent plates for up to 16 extractions at medium sample volumes.This limits prep work for the InnuPure® C16 touch to simply loading the sample tray.

Core Liquid Handling Competencies
The use of a highly precise pipetting system makes InnuPure® C16 touch workflows accurate and reproducible. In addition, the high-quality pipette tips used guarantee optimal while minimizing the amount of liquid remaining in the tips. The integrated dispensing unit allows operators to set the elution volume to a value between 20 and 500 μl; transfer is then automatic. The pipette tips and Elution Tubes are all included as components of the extraction kit.

Technical Data

BasisMagnetic or paramagnetic particles
Duration of extraction
  • Externe Lysis: < 45 min (ohne Lyse)
  • Interne Lyse: < 75 min (inkl. Lyse)
Ø Yield
  • Depending on type and amount of sample
  • Tissue (20 mg): up to 50 μg
  • Whole blood samples (200 μl): up to 10 μg
  • Plant (100 mg): up to 60 μg
Elution volume20 μl up to 500 μl (in steps of 10 μl)
Field of applicationDNA and RNA extraction
Sample parameters
Number of samplesUp to 16 samples in parallel, incl. single sample preparation
Sample amount
  • Depending on the type of sample
  • Up to 10 ml or 180 mg respectively
  • Up to 70 °C inside the sample
  • Support of lysis, drying and elution
ControlStand-alone control
Display10“ tablet PC, color, touch, WIN 8.1
  • Sample-based wizard
  • Automatic pipetting of chosen elution volume
  • Automatic transfer of eluates into storage tubes with lid
  • Pre-installed extraction and decontamination protocols
  • Video sequences and display of residual time for ideal overview of the run
  • User management with 3 user levels
Liquid Handling
Pipetting head / ChannelsDosing unit with 16 channels
Tips1 ml tip with aerosol filter
Working volumeUp to 1000 μl
FunctionsPipetting and piercing function of the sealed reagent plastic
Cleaning / Decontamination
  • Big front door for easy access and wipe decontamination of the sample room
  • Optional: UV lamp for decontamination between two runs by 254 nm UV light
Kits and ReagentsReady-to-use kits for DNA and RNA extraction
AdditionalPriming Station and Sample Tray
Additional technical data
InterfaceTablet: USB for data transfer, barcode reader
Noise emissionMax. 55 dB
Warranty2 warranty on device system incl. tablet PC
WeightApprox. 30 kg
Dimension (W x H x L)400 mm x 543 mm x 550 mm

Order Info

Order numberDescription
845-00020-2InnuPure® C16 touch
Instrument system stand-alone, incl. 10” Tablet PC, Priming Station and Sample Tray
845-60025-0Priming station for InnuPure® C16 touch
Priming Station for InnuPure® C16 touch and the usage of up to 2 Sample Trays for the easy preparation with all necessary kit components needed for automated extraction.
845-60026-0Sample Tray for InnuPure® C16 touch
Sample Tray for InnuPure® C16 touch and the usage of up to 2 Reagent Plates and the preparation of up to 16 samples in parallel. For single sample handling adapters for usage of up to 4
Reagent Strips are available (optional).
845-60006-0Adapter for 4 Reagent Strips
Adapter for the Sample Tray of InnuPure® C16 touch and usage of up to 4 Reagent Strips for single sample handling; one Sample Tray can be used with up to 2 adapters.


InnuPure® C16

Magnetic particle based extraction system



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