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Isoamyl Alcohol-3-Methyl-1-butanol

SKU: SBL-40-1600-10 UNSPSC: 12000000 Manufacturer Part No: 40-1600-10 Pack Size: 1000 ml

Isopentyl alcohol

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Iso-amyl alcohol (3-Methyl 1 Butanol) is a clear, colourless alcohol with formula C5H12O. It is one of several isomers of amyl alcohol.

Iso-amyl Alcohol is used as a component of Phenol:Chloroform:Iso-amyl Alcohol to help partition layers in DNA/RNA extraction and as a bio-reagent with chloroform, 24:1 Iso Amyl Alcohol. At 99% purity, this solvent can be used in conjunction with HPLC and GC analytical methods.

CAS No: 123-51-3

SpecificationDensity: 810.40 kg/m³

Formula: C5H12O

Molar mass: 88.148 g/mol

Volume: 1L

Isoamyl Alcohol-3-Methyl-1-butanol-1000 ml
1000 ml / Bottle

SKU: SBL-40-1600-10

Manufacturer Part No: 40-1600-10

UNSPSC Code: 12000000

Price: £40.00 ex. VAT

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