LAC2 Enclosure – biological protection.

Key Features

Performance to Class II levels of protection for operator and sample / process.

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Performance to Class II levels of protection for operator and sample / process.

Bigneat’s LAC2 Class II type enclosure is constructed following years of experience. LAC2 provides operator and sample/process protection in closed or open conditions. The enclosure interior is accessible through sliding windows in the lower door (access 325mm high) through which high velocity inflow air enters (minimum 0.4m/s) providing operator protection and sample/process protection. This laboratory air then flows into a profiled grille extending the full width across the front of the enclosure.

Custom designs for this model of enclosure provide for front and side access, front and back access (plenums in side walls for airflow – ‘split innovation’ in the fan housing is unique to Bigneat).

The enclosure includes an epoxy-coated steel stand with self-levelling/lockable castors for full mobility.



  • Providing in-process operator and product protection (sterility) with access via 300mm high sliding windows.
  • Programmable control system – displays enclosure status and controls airflow system balance, hour counter.
  • Display mounted on enclosure exterior shows status of enclosed robotic system.
  • Bigneat enclosures provide excellent visibility of the enclosed system.
  • Audible and visual alarm indication of low airflow and door open warning.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (or alternative sterilisation) connections (night doors, removed for normal operation and access).



Pre-filtration Eliminates particles at 5.0μm or larger to an efficiency of 92% as defined in BS EN ISO 779.
Exhaust air DOUBLE HEPA filtration (H14 Standard) eliminates particles 0.3μm or larger to an efficiency of 99.995%.
Downflow laminar air flow SINGLE HEPA filtration (H14 Standard).



Gloss finish epoxy-coated, steel frame modules for the enclosure and lower stand, colour – white.
Epoxy coated, steel doors, fitted with neoprene seals.
Clear acrylic, 8mm panels fitted to UHMW triple tracking.
Lab grade, HPL 16mm composite laminate work surface.

There are many options for your LAC2 enclosure.