PIRO® Pipetting Robot

Key Features

  • Setup of qPCR- and PCR samples
  • Sample preparation in analytics
  • Sample normalisation
  • Serial dilutions
  • Rearranging plate formats
  • “Cherry picking” from several plate formats
  • Plate duplication 
  • Creating various mixes for the same run
Special Requirements?


The PIRO® is one of the most modern and efficient pipetting robots. The compact device manages the most diverse tasks with consistent precision. Whether either simple sample transfer or complex pipetting protocols: You reach your task in just a few minutes. Despite its wide range of functions, the PIRO® requires little space and is easy to operate.


Made in Germany
More cutting-edge technology, more reliability
Level Sensing
More control, more documentation safety
Intuitive operating concept
More clarity, more intuitive working
Compact as possible
More compact, more deck positions
16 deck positions
More racks, more options
More accessories, more flexibility
Low noise level
More silence, more concentration
Waste Channel
More clean, more safety
More sterility, more storage space
More options, more sterility

Reproducible results, most accurate pipetting

The PIRO® provides reproducible results in applications that automation is required. Also for many repetitions and complex assays, including diverse reagents even for dilution series during the same run and when normalizing DNA/RNA samples. Its exact pipetting reduces repetitions and minimizes human errors. Connection options to data systems (LIMS) satisfy all demands in modern laboratory work.

A wide range of application options, comprehensive database

You want to go to analytic limits but not be hindered by any limits. This is why we have designed PIRO® so you do not have to compromise with accessories. The PIRO® Liquid Handling system allows you to select from manifold racks, plate formats, and vessels for your applications. Of course, deep well plates, tubes, reservoirs and passive cooling blocks can also be used. You can also use unusual formats from various real-time PCR equipment manufacturers such as Rotor-Gene®, SmartCycler®, Eco, LightCycler®, and others. Simply select your desired plates and vessels from the PIRO® plate database. You can use 50 µl, 200 µl und 1000 µl tips with PIRO®. This means precise pipetting of low volumes and still with the capacity to transfer from large vessels such as Falcon tubes. The use of 1000 µl tips allows sample pipetting from large primary tubes up to 50 ml.



Technical Data

PIRO® Pipetting Robot Technical Data

Table capacity 16 positions
9 x SBS standard size with free combination of tip racks and universal racks für plates, tubes, capillaries and user-specific special formats.
6 x Special formats for tips, reagents, and samples.
1 x Tip eject/waste position.
Automatic safety stop when opening the hood.
Hood made out of transparent acrylic. Integrated, nearly invisible frame.
Access and visual control from the top and out of three sides.

Liquid Level Sensing (LLS)
Liquid level sensing down to 5 µl in 0.1 ml tubes with clear non-conductive tips.

Pipetting Tips 
96 racked filtered tips, 50 µl, 200 µl, and 1000 µl (clear non-conductive tips).

Pipetting head exchangeable

Pipetting head 200
Volume:1 – 180 μl; 1-channel
Precision, accuracy:
100 µl  < +-    0.8 %, CV <   0.3 %
10 µl  < +-    2.0 %, CV <   1.0 %
1 µl  < +-  20.0 %, CV < 10.0 %

Pipetting head 1000
Volume: 5 – 1000 μl; 1-channel
Precision, accuracy:
1000 µl  < +-  1.0%, CV < 0.25 %
500 µl  < +-  1.0%, CV < 0.30 %
100 µl  < +-  3.0%, CV < 0.50 %

Waste/tip disposal
Depending on the programming, used filter tips will be ejected to the outside or collected via freely positionable waste racks inside the system.

HEPA-Filter (optional)
“High-Efficiency Particulate Air”-filter system provides positive pressure.

UV sterilization (optional)
UV light system for deck sterilization under closed lid conditions.

Temperature range 
4 °C – 35 °C

100 – 250 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 60 Watts

Dimensions (W x D x H)
600 x 515 x 470 mm

Noise emission
43 dB

36 kg

Relative Humidity
40 – 70 %


System requirements
Windows 7, Windows 10, Intel Core 3.2 GHz

PIRO® is a registered trademark of DORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH.
Windows 7®, Windows 10® is a registered trademark of  Microsoft Corporation.


PIRO with Console

Some of the many PIRO® applications

  • Setup of qPCR- and PCR samples
  • Sample preparation in analytics
  • Sample normalisation
  • Serial dilutions
  • Rearranging plate formats
  • “Cherry picking” from several plate formats
  • Plate duplication 
  • Creating various mixes for the same run

Read more in our Application Notes

PIRO Drag&Drop Programming

Easy programming with Drag & Drop

You want to invest your time in perfect processes, not in operating the pipetting robot. This is why our PIRO® software is very user-friendly. Simply drag plates and vessels to the work surface with the mouse. With color coding indicating sample status. You can create highly complex applications in just a few minutes without a day long specialist training. The Software comes with Multilanguage options. A so-called Prerun report shows you every programming step and every movement of the robot. Perfect in order to make sure everything is correct.This report is filed as a post run report after the run.  It informs you about samples, pipetted volumes, and possible error messages. You can export the results in different file formats. Also in downstream applications. You can also import data from CSV files. This also allows you to prepare sample and application setups outside the PIRO® software.
The PIRO® has been developed as an open system to allow you to integrate many systems.