schuett solaris Loop Sterilizer

Key Features

  • No gas, no open flame
  • Instant-ready-to-use,
  • no warm-up time, no waiting
  • Sterilization temperature 900-1,300°C
  • Touch-free START, with IR- sensor and integrated timer
  • Economical, low-cost operation
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Special Requirements?


The schuett solaris is the perfect solution if an open flame should be avoided or gas cartridges etc. are not available.

Used with standard electrical power. Reaches the safe working temperature of 900–1.300 °C within the split of a second. No warm-up time, no excess heat, no energy consumption between work cycles.

START is generated by an infra-red sensor, which allows for efficient one-handed operation. The integrated timer can be set to 5 or 7 seconds.

Pathogenic material is kept inside the sterilization chamber. No spreading, no sooting. Optimal for use in Laminar Flow Cabinets.

Working angle adjustment.

Robust and sturdy, no parts subject to mechanical wear, ideal for mobile operation in the field.