smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a) – Non-filled


Key Features

A Non-filled version of the smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a) kit, with shorter delivery time.

  • Fully automated isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood samples up to 1 ml
smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a) - Non-filled
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Special Requirements?


  • Based on the unique SmartExtraction technology
  • Isolation of high-molecular weight DNA up to 500 kbp
  • Efficient 2-step-lysis starts with collection of DNA carrying cells followed by cell digestion using the extraction automat
  • Including protocols for InnuPure C16 or C16 touch, InnuPure C96
  • Ready-to-use kit with pre-filled, sealed Reagent Plastics for easiest setup

smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a) and smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a96) is a platform independent kit for extraction of genomic DNA from up to 1 ml whole blood samples. Pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips or Reagent Plates can be used with InnuPure systems. The innovative 2-step-lysis, consisting of collecting DNA carrying cells and digestion, as well as all following purification steps are fully automated on the liquid handling platform of choice. The pre-installed routines in combination with the unique SmartExtraction pipette tip allow for isolation of high molecular weight DNA with excellent yield and purity. The Smart Modified Surfaces within the 1 ml tip guarantee highest binding capacity and avoid clumping, that often occur by using magnetic particles.


Starting material

  • Whole blood samples of 0.2 to 1 ml
  • Fresh or frozen blood
  • Stabilizers: EDTA, citrate or heparin

Extraction time

Automatic processing:

approx. 80 to 165 minutes (depending on protocol and device)

Average yield

Depends on sample and used volume

  • 0.5 ml whole blood: approx. 5 – 15 μg gDNA
  • 1.0 ml whole blood: approx. 15 – 30 μg gDNA


1.7 – 2.0


200 μl – 500 μl Elution Buffer

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