SMOD: The smart wireless bio-photometer


Key Features

  • Fully self-­‐contained sealed unit with OD 600 and temperature sensors.
  • Simply chemically sterilized.
  • Smart induction charging allowing 35 uses.
  • Simply replace with SMOD solo units, retaining the charger for further use.
  • Simple and intuitive software to set up experiments to take measurements and view data.
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Special Requirements?


SMOD delivers real time OD600 and temperature data so you can monitor suspension cell culture growth without any intervention, wherever you are.

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Save on expensive consumables and hours of time you usually use taking sample measurements.

No more removing from incubators and opening of cell culture flasks before harvest.

Perfect for anaerobes

The growth of the obligate anaerobe Clostridium difficile CCOS 941 was monitored using the SMOD data provided by Dr. G. Dasen, CCOS (Culture Collection of Switzerland AG) and ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences).

No more cell culture sampling at inconvenient times.

Optimised cell harvests and growth trend analysis.

Real time data wirelessly delivered to a lab PC and available on smart phones.