sticky-Slide VI 0.4


Key Features

A bottomless 6 channel slide used for cell culture applications with a self-adhesive underside to which own substrates can be mounted

  • Versatile – i.e., permits the mounting of a variety of bottom materials
  • Cost-effective experiments with small numbers of cells and low volumes of reagents

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Technical Features:

  • Bottomless slide
  • Self-adhesive underside
  • Biocompatible adhesive that has been cell culture tested
  • Adheres to all flat surfaces, even wet surfaces
  • Female Luer adapters for connection to tubing and pump systems
  • Sterile packaging
  • Suitable coverslips available
  • Specifications identical to those of the µ-Slide VI 0.4, except that it has no bottom


Adapters Female Luer
Volume per reservoir 60 µl
Number of channels 6
Volume of each channel 30 µl
Height of channels 0.4 mm
Length of channels 17 mm
Width of channels 3.8 mm
Growth area per channel 0.6 cm2
Bottom none

Example: Setup of a Sample Squeezed into a Channel sticky-Slide

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