TempControl Software

Key Features

Automated temperature control and real-time monitoring for the ibidi Heating Systems

Download the TempControl Software for free below.

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The TempControl software provides additional functionalities for the full control of the ibidi Heating Systems.

The software includes the following functions:

  • Set the temperature for each individual channel of the ibidi Temperature Controller
  • View the measured temperature and the temperature course
  • Store data of temperature runs

As it is part of the ibidi Heating System, the ibidi Heating System, Universal Fit Instruction Manual (PDF) may be of interest for you, too.


Latest official release: 1.0.2 (2012/06/26)

To experience the functionalities of the TempControl software and to see how the program works you can start the software even without an ibidi Heating System.

Installation steps:

  1. Download the TempControl Software and unpack it on your hard disk.
  2. Run “setup.exe”. Please make sure that you have administrator rights.
  3. Confirm upcoming questions and wait until the installation is completed.
  4. Finally, it is recommended to restart the computer.

Please find a more detailed installation guide in the Instruction Manual of the ibidi Heating System in the section “Supporting Materials“.