TRI Reagent- 200ml


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TRI Reagent, 200ml

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Tri Reagent is a single-step, mono-phasic reagent designed for the rapid isolation and purification of total RNA.
It can be used to isolate RNA from a mixture of RNA, DNA and proteins contained in homogenate samples taken from animal, plant, yeast, or bacterial cells and will also isolate viral RNA.

RNA extracted in Tri Reagent and can be separated into the aqueous phase by the addition of chloroform followed by centrifugation. RNA will remain exclusively in the aqueous phase, DNA at the inter-phase and proteins in the organic phase. RNA is precipitated from the aqueous phase by the addition of iso-propanol which is then washed with ethanol and solubilised.

DNA and proteins can be precipitated from the inter-phase and organic phase with ethanol and iso-propanol, washed with ethanol and solubilised respectively if desired.

*Note: Iso-propanol and ethanol are supplied separately.


Supplied in a 200ml Volume