Tris-glycine SDS 10X Concentrate

SKU: SBL-20-6400-10 UNSPSC: 12000000 Manufacturer Part No: 20-6400-10 Pack Size: 1000 ml

TRIS glycine SDS buffer solution

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Tris-glycine SDS used as a running buffer in electrophoresis of proteins in PAGE proteomics studies.

Extensively used in Electrophoresis of Proteins and Peptides and is supplied as a concentrate which is

diluted to 1x to use as working strength.

The pH of the buffer should be 8.3 and no pH adjustment is required.

Store the running buffer at room temperature and dilute to 1X just before use.

Concentration of 10X

TRis 250mM

Glycine 1.92M

1% SDS

Dilute to 1x for working strength.


Laemmli, U. K. 1970.

Nature 227:680-5.

Tris-glycine SDS 10X Concentrate-1000 ml
1000 ml / Bottle

SKU: SBL-20-6400-10

Manufacturer Part No: 20-6400-10

UNSPSC Code: 12000000

£32.40 inc. VAT
Tris-glycine SDS 10X Concentrate-5000 ml
5000 ml / Bottle

SKU: SBL-20-6400-50

Manufacturer Part No: 20-6400-50

UNSPSC Code: 12000000

£90.00 inc. VAT
Tris-glycine SDS 10X Concentrate-10 L
10 L / Bottle

SKU: SBL-20-6400-100

Manufacturer Part No: 20-6400-100

UNSPSC Code: 12000000

£168.00 inc. VAT

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