WiScan® HERMES Automated High Content Imaging System

Key Features

HERMES is the ideal platform for researchers to rapidly & easily generate high quality, quantitative data for phenotypic profiling of 2D & 3D model systems.

IDEA optimized HERMES for speed and flexibility while capturing high contrast, publication quality images.  Configurations include a manipulator arm for integrated sample handling, up to7 fluorescence colours with brightfield, magnifications from 2x – 60x and live-cell conditions for time-lapse imaging.

HERMES includes WiSoft® Athena analysis software. Designed for biologists, its assay-based applications library enables real-time analysis through easy push-button setup.


Special Requirements?


Easily generate publication-quality images at high throughput speeds

  • Versatile

Whether you are performing assay development, compound screens, transfection assays or looking at a few samples in great detail, and whether you are using 3D models (such as spheroids, Organoids), Zebrafish imaging, primary cells, fixed cells or live cell imaging, WiScan® Hermes is the solution for you.

  • Reliable

WiScan Hermes, IDEA Bio-Medical’s automated imaging system for high content screening (HCS) provides the unique combination of the two contradicting primary functions of automated microscopy: Image quality and acquisition speed.

  • Robust

WiScan® Hermes’ mechanisms are based on patents, creatively designed to meet heavy duty operation demands (24/7) with full process robustness.

  • Flexible

WiScan® Hermes is a cost-effective system that is both sophisticated and flexible, offering 7 fluorescence colors, bright field option, and a large range of air objectives. The system can accommodate a variety of multi-well plates and sample formats (slides, dishes…) and offers environmental control for live cell assays.

  • Intuitive

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced microscopist, Hermes easily allows you to look deeper into your samples. The system is intuitively operated. Its built-in applications are extremely easy to use, and are operated at the push-of-a-button.


Features Content/Description
3D reader EPI-fluorescence inverted optics mounted on XYZ (patented) linear scanner
Auto Focus Patented ultra-fast laser-based Auto Focus with 100nm resolution
XY motion Accurate positioning with 200nm repeatability
Illumination sources 7 optional LED sources (DAPI,CFP,GFP,YFP,RFP,mCherry,CY5). Transmission: White LED source
Optical Filters 2 emission filters and compatible dichroic filters (automatically exchanged)
Objectives (Air) Choice of air objectives in the range: 2X to 60X, high NA.
Camera High sensitivity CCD camera with 1.3MPixel resolution
Sample format Supports full-area screening of 6-1536 well plates Supports slides, microarrays, 35 mm dish formats. U-shaped bottom plats are optional.
Computer PC with Windows® operating system and touch screen.
Enclosure Allows operation in fully lit areas
Desktop standalone platform 47 W x 72 D x 57 H (cm), 18.5 W x 28.5 D x 22.4 H (inches) With plate cover closed
Certification CE, UL

 Live Cell Imaging Module:

Features Content/Description
Live cell imaging Allow long time lapse experiments. Sample does not move during most of the scanning process.
Live cell conditions
  • Temperature control. Range – from ambient+5°C to 40°C ±0.5°C
  • CO2 level control– enables setting of 0.02 L/min- 0.13 L/min mixed with air for desired CO2 percentage. (external accessory). CO2 Range: 0-15%. Set Point Resolution: 1%
  • Humidity

Object Mapping (Rare Event Detection) Module:

Features Content/Description
Object mapping for rare events detection
  • First scan: HTS with low magnification, for efficient region of interest object mapping.
  • Second scan: HCS with high magnification of detected objects
Analysis tools WiSoft® based image processing tools for object definition and detection in the first low magnification scan and further tools to analyze the detected objects with high magnification
Objectives Automatic objective exchanger of up to 3 objectives at a time
Throughput Enhances the throughput of high magnification scanning of rare objects
Statistical tools Provides automatic decision resulting in efficient screening for minimum required objects in a well

High Throughput (enhanced acquisition speed) Module:

Features Content/Description
Combination of HCS and HTS Ultra-fast High Content Screening unit
Image acquisition speed >10 images per second (depends on experiment conditions)
Throughput A full 96-well plate screening using 10X magnification with a single field per well, three color fluorescence, 150 ms total exposure time per field, runs in ~2 minutes. With some applications, this will include data processing and analysis results simultaneously with image acquisition.

Automation Module (interfacing to external robotic arms):

Features Content/Description
Remote accessibility Protocols ( applications and screening parameters ) execution and management
External loader compatibility (Robot/manipulator)
  • Communication channel for control by external equipment
  • Loading door with automatic opening/closing synchronized with external equipment
External loader(Robot/manipulator) integration     Full integration support