µ-Slide III 3D Perfusion


Key Features

A three channel µ-Slide used for the cultivation and perfusion of 3D cell structures

  • Ideal for the long-term cultivation of cells in 3D matrices with an optimal nutrients supply
  • Easy handling: Samples can be placed into the open wells–perfusion can be applied after closing the wells
  • Excellent optical-quality imaging chamber for high-end microscopy

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  • Observation of single cells in 3D matrices or tissue samples (e.g., spheroids, small organoids, or organisms)
  • Perfusion of samples
  • Long-term cultivation of cells in 3D matrices

Technical Features:

  • Open wells are filled and later closed for the perfusion of the sample
  • Channels allow for easy fluid connection of the wells
  • Luer adapters for easy pump connection (e.g., to the ibidi Pump System)
  • Optimal nutrients supply into 3D structures
  • Observe the sample through the polymer coverslip bottom using high resolution light microscopy


Number of wells 6
Volume of wells 30 µl
Well diameter 5.5 mm
Well depth 1.2 mm
Well depth total 1.7 mm
Growth area per well 25 mm2
Number of channels 3
Total channel volume 130 µl
Channel width 1.0 mm
Adapters Female Luer
Volume per reservoir 60 µl
Coating area using 130 µl 2.4 cm2 per channel
Bottom ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Application Examples:

Standard Filling Procedure:

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