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Our Sustainable Future

What are we doing to ensure sustainable growth?

At Thistle Scientific, we are commited to growing our business in a sustainable manner. That means ensuring we look after not just our customers, but our staff, and our environment as well.

We’ve introduced practices to help us reduce our environmental impact, including reducing our use of resources such as packaging and energy. Where we can’t cut back immediately we are committed to alternatives such as carbon offsetting, to try to minimise our net impact on the planet.

We also offer recycling programmes for some common laboratory items, including tip boxes, and starting this year oyr thermal cycler recycling program will help you to dispose of complex electronic equipment with a minimal impact on the environment.

You can find out more about what we are doing to keep our business sustainable below.


Carbon Neutral

We operate a carbon neutral businrss model. This involves a range of resource reduction and carbon offsetting measures.

Hybrid Working

We offer our office staff a flexible working platform, meaning less commuting and reduced fuel costs and usage. Our Sales Reps live and work in their local areas, and don't have to commute to our head office.


For Warehouse staff, we offer the Cycle2Work scheme to enable carbon neutral travel to our facility. Further reducing their costs an emmisions.

ISO 14001

We've achieved our ISO 14001 certification and follow a certified environmental management system.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

The majority of our UK shipments are now carbon neutral thanks to our selcted shipping partner. We're working hard to extend this accross all shipments.

No Repackaging

We use our suppliers packaging where suitable to ensure that the minimal requirement packaging material is used.

No Disposables

We don't use disposable coffee cups or plates at our warehouse facility to reduce the waste we produce.

Bulk Discount

We offer bulk disounts on a wide range of our products, this helps to reduce shipping costs as well as saving small shipments that increase our carbon footprint.

Recycling programmes

We run several product recycling programmes allowing our customers to return items such as tip boxes to be recycled.

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