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Efficient and gentle mixing without stir bars or overhead stirrers.

What is SpinVessel®?

Homogenous mixing for automated liquid handling and dispensing.

SpinVessel® is an innovative new device for mixing liquids homogeneously while still allowing access by liquid handlers.

SpinVessel® comes in a range of sizes to suit your application and can be integrated with liquid handling platforms, plate fillers, dispensers and manual workflows.

Perfect for cell mixtures or fragile beads, SpinVessel®
reduces shear forces compared to traditional mixing methods. Cells stay viable for longer and beads maintain their integrity.

Vessel Group 2

How does it work?

Pulsed Radial Flow™

Projections within the SpinVessel® tubes and containers create a pulsed radial flow when oscillated on the SpinVessel® base.

Multichannel Pipetting

Projections are spaced to allow access from multichannel pipetting platforms, from single arms to 96 well pipettes.

System Integration

The system uses simple ASCII commands to start, stop and set parameters for mixing. It can be integrated with most robotic platforms.


Keep Cells Happy

Gentle mixing means reduced shear stress and less damage to cells. Cell viability is improved compared to traditional mixing methods.

Mix for longer

Reduced shear stress means samples can be mixed for longer than with traditional methods, even up to weeks continuously.

Pipette while mixing

Having to stop stirring during dispensing leads to incorrect aliquots. SpinVessel® allows continuos mixing and dispensing.


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