25 micro-Inserts 4 Well for self insertion


Key Features

A 4-well silicone insert for live cell imaging of both adherent and suspension cells

  • Allows long-term microscopy assays of single cells
  • Cultivation of small numbers of cells without evaporation risks
  • Conical wells for superb optical quality
  • 25 pieces in a transport dish
  • Used for self insertion into 6 or 12 well plates, or other formats

Please note: Not to be uesd without transferring the micro-Insert

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Technical Features:

  • Four small 2.0 mm x 1.5 mm microscopy wells with a 4:3 digital format
  • Suspension cells cannot escape the observation field
  • Adhesive underside
  • Transferable to any flat clean surface
  • No material is left behind upon the insert’s removal
  • Includes a rim for easy handling of the insert with tweezers


Number of wells 4
Dimensions of wells (w x l) in mm 2.0 x 1.5
(digital format 4:3)
Diameter of the complete insert 12 mm
Height of the complete insert 4.2 mm
Volume per well 10 µl
Growth area per well 0.03 cm2
Coating area per well 0.23 cm2
Material Biocompatible silicone
Bottom No bottom – sticky underside

Product Selection Guide

4 Well FulTrac
  • Single cells
  • 20x Objective lens for full well
  • High resolution fluorescence
4 Well
  • Few cells
  • 4x Objective lens for full well
  • High resolution fluorescence

Cross Section

Ideal Coverage using Digital Imaging with CCD Cameras

3D Application:

Possible Filling Procedures:

Minor Well Filling

  • Minimal volume
  • Individual wells

Whole Insert Filling

  • Moderate volume
  • Wells connected by medium

Whole µ-Dish Filling

  • Maximum volume
  • Maximum experimental duration

Evaporation Barrier

Possible Further Applications

Co-Cultivation Assays

Coating patches (spots) with proteins

hydrophilic protein spots on hydrophobic, uncoated µ-Dish

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