ibidi Anti-Evaporation Oil


Key Features

A biocompatible silicone oil used to prevent medium evaporation in cell culture applications

  • Excellent reduction of medium evaporation
  • Ready to use
  • Compatible with all ibidi products and cell culture applications
Special Requirements?



Technical Features:

  • Specially designed for all ibidi µ-Slides, µ-Dishes, and µ-Plates
  • Non-drying and volume stable
  • Dry-heat sterilized for direct use
  • Highly gas permeable, thus providing excellent cell cultivation conditions
  • Chemically stable
  • Viscosity optimized for cell culture
  • Compatible with microscopy


Appearance Optically clear in dry atmosphere
Density (20°C) 1.05 g/ml
Viscosity (20°C) Ca. 200 mPa ∙ s
Refractive index nD 1.453
Temperature stability 121°C (dry-heat only)
Storage of product Dark, room temperature