sticky-Slide Chemotaxis


Key Features

A chemotaxis bottomless slide used in 2D and 3D applications with a self-adhesive underside designed to allow self-assemblage of the slide setup

  • Versatile – i.e., permits the mounting of a variety of bottom materials
  • Allows chemotaxis measurements to be taken in real-time
  • Provides stable gradients for long-term experiments

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Special Requirements?



  • Inserting materials or tissue into chemotaxis chambers
  • Keeping cell spheroids or tissue in a stable concentration gradient
  • Chemotaxis of fast or slow migrating cells on either a 2D surface or in 3D gels
  • Usable with a range of bottom materials, such as plastic sheets, silicon chips, and glass slides

Technical Features:

  • Bottomless slide
  • Self-adhesive underside
  • Biocompatible adhesive that has been cell culture tested
  • Adheres to all flat surfaces, even wet surfaces
  • Suitable coverslips available
  • Specifications identical to those of the µ-Slide Chemotaxis, except that it has no bottom


Chemotaxis chambers on slide 3
Volume per chamber 120 µl
Observation area 2×1 mm²
Total height with plugs 12 mm
Volume chemoattractant 30 µl
Bottom none

Example: Tissue Sample in sticky-Slide Chemotaxis

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