Tris Base (Hydroxymethyl)-aminomethane

SKU: SBL-30-20-60 UNSPSC: 12000000 Manufacturer Part No: 30-20-60 Pack Size: 1 Kg


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Molecular Biology Reagent Tris Base This is used in a number of Tris buffer products used in electrophoresis in the pH range 7.2-9.0. It does not precipitate calcium salts and useful in maintaining the solubility of manganese salts.

Technical Specification

M.W.(tris base / tris HCl) 121.1 / 157.6

Purity > 99.8%

Moisture < 1.0%

A280 (1.0M, water) < 0.05

Insolubles < 0.005%

Arsenic < 0.0005%

Copper < 0.0001%

Iron < 0.0001%

Magnesium < 0.0001%

Heavy metals (as Pb) < 0.0001%

DNase, RNase,protease none detected

Storage Room Temperature, dry

CAS 77-86-1

Tris Base (Hydroxymethyl)-aminomethane-1 Kg
1 Kg / Pack

SKU: SBL-30-20-60

Manufacturer Part No: 30-20-60

UNSPSC Code: 12000000

Price: £36.00 ex. VAT
Tris Base (Hydroxymethyl)-aminomethane-500 g
500 g / Pack

SKU: SBL-30-20-50

Manufacturer Part No: 30-20-50

UNSPSC Code: 12000000

Price: £25.00 ex. VAT

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