Key Features

  • Small footprint ( 17 cm x 13 cm )
  • Unique: Motorised plate lifter
  • Motorised heated lid
  • Easy integration in robotic systems from various suppliers
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Product Info

The Perfect Solution for Integration in Robotic Systems

Optimised for integration in robotic systems
The TRobot Thermocycler is specifically designed for integration in Robotic systems. Due to its minimum footprint the TRobot ideally fits robotic platforms where space naturally is limited. The TRobot is equipped with a motorised plate lifter which allows the removal of plates by a robotic arm.

Unique: Motorised plate lifter
Removing plates after thermocycling is one of the major challenges in automisation. With conventional thermocycler systems, the plates frequently stick to the thermoblock after thermocycling. Consequently, they cannot be removed by a robotic arm and the whole system halts. To overcome this problem the TRobot has been equipped with a patented motorised plate lifter. This lifter elevates the plate from the block as the lid opens. Once lifted, the plate can be easily removed by the robotic arm.

Two different block models
The TRobot is available in two different block versions for 96 well and 384 well plates. Taking advantage of the high thermal conductivity of silver the TRobot 96 achieves high ramping rates as well as excellent temperature uniformity. The TRobot 384 achieves perfect fi t for 384 well plates. The 384 well block is coated with a special alloy to facilitate plate removal by a robotic arm.

Software integration
In a robotic environment the TRobot is controlled by the PC of the robot. Integration of the Biometra Thermocycler Manager software allows quick access to all thermocycler functions. Alternatively, the TRobot control can be directly implemented into the control software of the robotic system. For this purpose a comprehensive description of the serial communication commands is available.

Technical Data

  • Motorised lid
  • Plate lifter
Block exchangeable -
Block formats 96 well 384 well
Temperature range 3 - 99 °C
Temperature gradient* -
Cool samples to 4 °C Yes
Maximum heating n.d.
Maximum cooling 4.5 °C / sec n.d.
Average heating 3.5 °C / sec
Average cooling 2.5 °C / sec
Temperature Uniformity (15 sec after clock starts) ± 0.5 °C
Control accuracy ± 0.1 °C
Display -
Auto restart after power failure Yes
Programming modes PC software
Software options Adjustable ramp rates, time increments, temperature increments, PC control by Thermocycler Manager Software
Quick start of the last 5 programs -
High Precision Smart Lid Yes
Lid temperature range 30 – 99 °C
Max. power consumptiom 380 Watt
Noise emission Very low
Interfaces RS232 serial port
Dimensions (W x D x H) 17 x 23 x 20 cm
* Applies to models with gradient feature

Order Info

Order number Item Block format Suitable plastic ware
846-050-991 TRobot 96 96 well 96 well plates
(0.2 ml tubes, strips)
846-050-992 TRobot 384 384 well 384 well plates



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